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Walmart Now Selling eBooks and Kobo eReaders, But What’s With the Phony Reviews?

The Kobo Walmart partnership announced earlier in the year has finally come to fruition in the US. Residents of the United States can now purchase ebooks, audiobooks, and Kobo ebook readers through Walmart’s website, although the ebooks and audiobooks just redirect to Kobo’s website with a Walmart logo. The ebooks and audiobooks are also available […]

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Will You Buy eBooks From Walmart?

Two weeks ago Kobo and Walmart announced a new partnership that will make Walmart Kobo’s exclusive retail partner in the United States, so Kobo’s ereaders will finally be available from retail stores in the US once again. Additionally, Walmart will start selling ebooks and audiobooks from Walmart.com and through co-branded apps with Kobo for Android, […]

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Kobo Aura One 32GB

Walmart to Start Selling Kobo’s eBooks and eReaders

Kobo has announced that they’ve partnered with Walmart to bring Kobo ereaders back to the US. Walmart will also start selling Kobo’s ebooks and audiobooks. As the press release states, Walmart will become Kobo’s exclusive mass retail partner for the Kobo brand in the United States. There’s no specific date yet on when Walmart will […]

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Is Walmart Going to Buy B&N’s Nook Division?

There’s an article over on TheStreet.com from last week about how Walmart should buy Barnes and Noble’s struggling Nook division. It’s no secret that Barnes and Noble’s Nook business has been on a steady decline since 2012, and so far B&N has been unable to find anyone willing to shell out enough cash to unload […]

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Kobo Wireless

Kobo WiFi eReader Coming to Walmart too

On the very same day that Barnes and Noble issued a press release stating that the Nook is coming to Walmart stores next week, Kobo follows suit by announcing that the new Kobo WiFi ebook reader will be making its way to Walmart’s shelves next week too. This is a really smart move by Kobo. […]

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The Barnes and Noble Nook is Headed to Walmart

Move over Apple iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook—and possibly the Nook 2—is set to arrive in 2,500 Walmart stores and on Walmart.com starting next week on October 24th. Not only that but some Walmart stores will have Nook-branded eReading areas where shoppers can see and touch a demonstration device (probably more like a shelf […]

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Kobo eReader

Kobo eReader Availability Updates

Australia Kobo announced on their blog this week that Borders Australia will sell the Kobo eReader and launch an ebook store powered by Kobo that will include ebooks from Australian authors and publishers, among the 2 million titles Kobo boasts as their selection. The blog speaks in the future tense but it appears that the […]

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