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Android 4.4 Kitkat

Get Android 4.4 Kitkat Free on Nook Color, Tablet and Nook HD/HD+

I’ve seen a number of news stories this past week in regard to an email the folks at N2A sent out about them releasing an update to their N2A cards to bring Android KitKat v4.4 to the Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD, and Nook HD+. That’s all fine and dandy for those of you […]

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Tablet Aspect Ratios

Illustration Comparing Tablet Aspect Ratios

Earlier this week a reader sent in an image (thanks, Thys Kotzé!) comparing the different aspect ratios for tablets. I thought is was a helpful illustration comparing the common sizes for tablets’ screens so I wanted to share it here (click the image for a larger version). As the illustration notes, most newer Android tablets […]

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New Updated Nook Touch Shows up at FCC; Nook HD on Sale for $69

Yesterday what appears to be an updated Nook Touch turned up on the FCC website. Details are very sparse at this point, but at least it’s good to finally see some conformation that there is indeed a new Nook ereader in the works after all. Barnes and Noble has hinted as much in recent months, […]

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Nooks On Sale Again – Up to $30 Off

Barnes and Noble is running another sale on Nook ereaders and the Nook HD tablet this week (the HD+ is left out of this round of deals). The pricing breaks down as follows: Nook Touch – $59 ($20 off) Nook Touch with Glowlight – $79 ($20 off) Nook HD 8GB – $109 ($20 off) Nook […]

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Nook HD

Nook Father’s Day Sale: Nook HD+ $149, Nook HD $129

Barnes and Noble is running yet another sale on the Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets, and it’s the best deal yet, especially now that they come with access to Google Play. The Nook HD starts at only $129 for the 8GB model and the Nook HD+ is $149 for the 16GB model. Those are […]

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Nook HD+ with Google Play

Review: Nook HD+ with Official Google Play (Video)

First and foremost, it should be noted that this article is more of an addendum to my initial review of the Nook HD+ that was posted back in November when the device first came out rather than a completely new review. I’m not going to cover any of the hardware details or any specific Nook […]

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Nook HD Sale

B&N Slashes Prices on Nook HD and Nook HD+ for Mother’s Day

Lately I’ve been getting tired of posting about all of Barnes and Noble’s various Nook sales and promotions every week, but this one is too good to pass up. Through Mother’s Day, May 12th, Barnes and Noble is selling the 7-inch Nook HD tablet for $149 and the 9-inch Nook HD+ tablet for $179 both […]

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Nook HD Google Play

B&N Adds Support for Google Play to Nook HD and Nook HD+

Barnes and Noble just did something that could very well resurrect the declining Nook brand. In a surprise move that no one saw coming, Barnes and Noble has decided to make the Nook HD and Nook HD+ more appealing by adding support for Google Play for access to over 700,000 Android apps, including popular Google […]

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Obligatory Nook News Post

Barnes and Noble’s marketing department is trying extra hard to get everyone’s attention this past week. In such cases I usually ignore them because I find it excruciatingly annoying when every tech website keeps posting the exact same stories regurgitating whatever a company’s marketing department tells them to like mindless parrots. But things like this […]

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Nook HD apps

B&N Now Giving Away Paid Nook Apps for Free Every Friday

Barnes and Noble is launching a new promotion to help reinvigorate the Nook brand by taking a page from Amazon’s book and giving away a paid Nook app for free every Friday. While B&N isn’t giving away a free app every day like Amazon, hopefully the quality of the apps will be better. They are […]

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