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Mirasol Color eReader Prototype

Qualcomm Invests $2 Billion for Mirasol Color Displays

According to an article at DigiTimes, Qualcomm has found a major client for their 5.7″ color displays. So major that they are willing to invest $2 billion to build a new production plant in Taiwan. So the big question is who is the major client? Given the fact that the article says this, the displays […]

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nook apps

New Barnes and Noble Nook Reading Apps

Barnes and Noble released a new Nook app for iPhone today and upgraded the iPad app. They also updated the PC app to carry the new Nook brand instead of the older eReader brand. I tested the new Nook for PC app and compared it to the old eReader app and the results were not […]

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New Sony Reader?

New Sony Reader and Nook Coming Soon?

Amazon got the jump on the new Pearl screens from E Ink with the release of the Graphite Kindle DX and the new WiFi-equipped Kindle 3. In fact, that’s one of Amazon’s major selling points: 50% improved contrast! 10:1 contrast ratio! Buy now! Although we were all expecting Amazon’s next Kindle to have a color […]

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Kogen eReader

The Kogan eBook Reader Up for Pre-Order in Australia

Suddenly, the competition for ebook readers in Australia is starting to heat up. Kogan, an Australian consumer electronics company, has announced the new Kogan ebook reader to take on the Kobo Reader and Amazon Kindle. At $189 AUD, the Kogan reader costs $10 less than the Kobo and roughly $50 less than the Kindle 2 […]

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Augen The Book

Augen The Book e-Reader Video Review, First Impressions

(Update: The full written review is now finished and is located on this new Augen The Book Review page.) There’s a new inexpensive color ereader on the market that goes by the name of Augen “The Book” (try to work that into a grammatically correct sentence). In addition to reading and downloading ebooks, the Augen […]

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Hanvon Wisereader

Walmart.com Now Selling Hanvon eReaders

Since my local Borders stores all seem to be anti-Kobo Reader, I decided to check Walmart.com to see if they’ve started carrying it since Walmarts in Canada do. No such luck. But I did find that Walmart.com is now selling 4 Hanvon Wisereaders, and the prices are lower than expected: $228 for the touchscreen model […]

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Read:OutLoud University Edition eReader

Read:OutLoud University Edition eBook Reader

Today Don Johnston, a company designed to help students with unique learning disabilities use specialized technology and resources to maximize learning, announced the Read:OutLoud University Edition eBook Reader. Here’s some of the key details from the press release: The Read:OutLoud University Edition ereader comes at a time when government and disability advocates are urging equitable […]

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Cool-er eReaders

Another eBook Reader Company Bites the Dust

Some of the smaller companies in the growing ereader field are starting to thin out. The next to go is the Cool-er ebook reader by Interead. It has been confirmed that Interead has been put into liquidation as of June 8th, according to a petition submitted to the Liverpool District Court in late March by […]

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