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Pandigital Novel Tablets

Why No Cheap Crappy Tablets From Pandigital This Year?

Oddly enough, one of the biggest players among the initial explosion of Android tablets was Pandigital with their various Pandigital Novel ereader/tablet hybrids. They were never very good, and some of the models were downright terrible, but back then there weren’t many options for a budget color ereader and tablet. The fact they were hackable […]

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Pandigital Tablet

New 7" Pandigital Tablet Released, No e-Reading App Included

In an effort to cause mass confusion, Pandigital has quietly released yet another variation of an Android tablet/ereader to go along with their two 9″ models, the white Novel, the black Novel, and the multi-colored versions, each with their own subtle differences, positives, and negatives. This new Pandigital Tablet looks a lot like the black […]

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Pandigital Novel Tablets

Pandigital Novel App Installation Tutorial (Video)

One question that I get asked all the time is how to install apps on the Pandigital Novel. Now that Pandigital has opened up their line of Android tablets to install 3rd party apps, the process of installing apps has become a lot easier. You can install them onto the device right out of the […]

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Pandigital Novel Wireless

New 9″ Pandigital Novel with Wireless From AT&T

That’s right. The 9″ Pandigital Novel that I just reviewed last week isn’t the only 9″ model. Pandigital just announced a new version of the same ereader that comes with mobile wireless from AT&T. The model number is R90A200 and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $279.99, $80 more than the WiFi-only model. It will […]

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9" Pandigital Novel Review

9″ Pandigital Novel Review and Video Walkthrough

This is a quick note to mention that I posted the review for the 9″ Pandigital Novel today. It can be found on the Pandigital Novel Review page, along with a video walkthrough. It’s a lot like the 7″ Pandigital Novel (white) from a software standpoint. The added hardware buttons and stylus are nice and […]

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IQ Android

How To Install Apps on Android eReaders and Tablets

There’s a lot to learn when first getting started with Android-powered ereaders and tablets such as the Pandigital Novel, Pocketbook IQ, Next3, or a number of other devices. Often times there aren’t any directions on how to install Android apps, so here’s a quick tutorial to get started. First, you’re going to need a compatible […]

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Pandigital Novel Red

New 7″ Pandigital Novel Available at QVC

While doing some research for the 9″ Pandigital Novel review I’m working on, I came across a new version of the 7″ Pandigital Novel that’s available exclusively from QVC until the end of January. Until now, Pandigital has had two different 7-inch ereaders on the market, each with subtle differences. It looks like this new […]

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YouTube App APK for PocketBook IQ, Pandigital Novel

One thing I’m learning about Android is that there are tens of thousands of apps available and most of them have multiple versions floating around as they are continually updated and improved. The strange thing I’m finding is that some older versions of certain apps actually work better on some systems than the new updated […]

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Pandigital Novel 9"

Pandigital Novel 9″ Color Multimedia eReader

Pandigital has quietly released a new Pandigital Novel color multimedia ereader. This one has a larger 9-inch screen, whereas the other two color models have 7-inch screens. The Pandigital Novel 9″ ereader has a lot of the same features and functions and the 7″ models, like the white model I reviewed earlier this year, just […]

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Holiday eReader Sales and Black Friday Deals

This post is updated daily to list all the ebook reader sales through the 2010 holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and any other promotion retailers can think up between now and the end of December that involves ereaders. I’ve added this page toward the top of the main navigation list on […]

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