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A Roundup of eReader and eBook News Stories for This Week

Once again I find myself way behind in posting about ereader and ebook-related news so I’ve decided to do a roundup post with a bunch of different news stories from this past week instead of writing a separate post for each one. So here it goes…. (more…)

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eReader Charger

How Often Do You Charge Your eReader or Tablet?

Battery life for ereaders and tablets is a big selling point. The longer a battery can last without needing to be charged the better. In fact, that’s one of the reasons E Ink ereaders are so popular: their battery only needs to be charged about once every two to eight weeks, even if you use […]

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Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Sales and Deals: eReaders, Kindle Lighted Cover, Kobo eBook Codes, and More

As August winds to a close, there are a number of ebook readers and related items on sale, so I decided to put them all together in one long list instead of doing separate posts for each offer. Note: These prices are current as of this post; obviously they will change as time goes by. […]

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Kobo WiFi, Oynx

10 eBook Readers Under $120 – Budget eReaders

Over the past year, ereader prices have dropped considerably. This time last year the Kindle and Nook were both selling for $259. The original Kobo was released in May 2010 for the all-time low price of $149. Now there are several ebook readers priced under $120, even E Ink devices with paper-like screens. If you’ve […]

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Gemei GM2000

Gemei GM2000 7″ Color eReader and Media Player

I happened across a new inexpensive ereader this morning on Amazon called the Gemei GM2000, a cross between an ebook reader and portable media player. The Gemei GM2000 isn’t new exactly; there are a few articles about it from last summer, but it’s relatively new to the US market, having been available in Asia mostly […]

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Literati Woot

Sharper Image Literati $50 Today, Other eReader Sales

Although I wouldn’t particularly recommend it, the Sharper Image Literati is on sale today for $49.99 plus $5 shipping at Woot.com. At that price any ereader is hard to pass up, despite its shortcomings. The Literati is a 7″ LCD ereader that ties in with the Kobo ebookstore. It will also work with Adobe DRM’d […]

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Mirasol Mockup

When are Mirasol Displays Coming to eReaders?

Mirasol is an alternative display technology that Qualcomm has been working to perfect for mass-production over the past few years to use for color ereader displays. Mirasol displays are a lot like existing monochrome E Ink screens in that they use little to no energy when an image is on-screen and don’t use back-lighting so […]

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Nook Color Sale

Post Holiday eReader Sales and Pricing Updates

If you didn’t receive that ereader you were hoping to get for Christmas, there are some post holiday ereader sales going on that you might find interesting. For the most part there weren’t any really outstanding deals for ereaders over the holiday season; most of the devices that were on sale can still be had […]

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