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Kindle Paperwhite 2 Jailbreak

Kindle Paperwhite 2 Jailbreak Hack

Last week an easy jailbreaking method for the Kindle Paperwhite 2 surfaced over on MobileRead. The script has since been updated and now works as part of the jailbreak package for the Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite 1. The jailbreak is even compatible with the new 5.4.2 software update that Amazon issued early last week, […]

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Kindle 4 ads

How to Get Rid of Kindle Ads and Special Offers Without Paying Extra

An anonymous tipster left a comment on this blog yesterday that describes how to completely get rid of the advertisements on the Kindle 4 (and other Kindles) without paying Amazon extra to upgrade. The comment was left on the Simple Trick to Get Kindle 4 to Not Display Screensaver Ads post. But I thought it […]

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Pandigital Nova Rooted

How To Root the Pandigital Nova and Install the Android Market

I’ve spent the past couple of days experimenting with rooting the Pandigital Nova and installing Google apps for Android Market access. The good news is that I succeeded, and even put together these two tutorials: how to root the Pandigital Nova, and how to install the Android Market. I followed various sets of directions over […]

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Kindle FBReader

Kindle ePub Hack: Installing FBReader on Kindle for ePub Support – FBKindle

For those of you that desperately want to read ePub ebooks on your Kindle, there is a way to install a version of FBReader—dubbed FBKindle—on the Kindle if you are willing to do some technical work. FBReader is a popular e-reading program with plenty of options for customizing the layout for ebooks. It only works […]

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Nook Color Honeycomb

Nook Color Android 3.0 Honeycomb Hack (Videos)

One thing is for sure: the Nook Color has a thriving hacking community. And the folks at XDA forums have done it again. Google just released the SDK for Honeycomb—Android 3.0, the first version of Android designed specifically for tablets—on the 26th of January and now someone’s already managed to get Honeycomb running on the […]

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Android Market

Add Android Market to PocketBook IQ and Install Apps on SD Card

Thanks to the folks at the MobileRead Forums for figuring this out, you can now add the Android Market app to the PocketBook IQ and even set it up to install apps on the SD card to get more space to install apps. But first, the disclaimers. The process of hacking your PocketBook IQ could […]

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Nook Color

Android Market Plus Nook Color Equals Awesome

If you read my hacked Nook Color review before yesterday, you might want to go check it out again. I had to revise it considerably after installing the new hack for the Nook Color that installs the Android Market and provides solutions for apps that require menu and back buttons. The new hacking process is […]

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Nook Color Hacked

Rooted Nook Color, a Hands-on Review

So I decided to root my Nook Color last weekend because I wanted to try installing some Android apps. It took a little time to work out, but I finally got it to work and have been experimenting with installing different apps on the Nook Color all week. Certain apps work great and others not […]

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