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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Review (+Video)

Review Date: April 2016 – Review unit purchased from Amazon Overview Samsung first introduced their Tab E line in 2015 with the release of 8-inch and 9.7-inch models. Then in March 2016 they added the 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite to the list, model number SM-T113. It’s a bit odd that they opted to drop […]

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Galaxy Tab E Lite vs Fire Tablet

Fire Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Comparison Review

Samsung released a new 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite a couple weeks ago. Initially it was priced at $119 but it’s already on sale for $99, which makes it the lowest priced Samsung tablet ever. It’s still not nearly as cheap as Amazon’s 2015 Fire tablet, however. At $49.99 the entry-level Fire sells for half […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

New Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Released for $119

Yesterday I posted an article about the new 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet that was just released for $149. It turns out Samsung has another new 7-inch tablet that they’ve also just released called the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite. It’s been available in some other markets first and is now available in the […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7

New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7-inch Tablet Released for $149

Samsung has just released a new 7-inch Android tablet called the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7. It’s a new 2016 version of their A series tablets. The Tab A 7 is basically a newer version of the Galaxy Tab 4 that I reviewed back in 2014. The Galaxy Tab A has a slightly faster processor, […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook

B&N Releases New 9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook Tablet

Last week Barnes and Noble added a new device to their lineup of Nook-branded Samsung tablets. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook. It’s a 9.6-inch Android tablet with a 1280 x 800 resolution screen (157 ppi). Basically it’s B&N’s answer to the Fire HD 10, and it sells for $249. The interesting thing […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

B&N Releases New 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook for $399

Barnes and Noble has announced the latest addition to their line of Samsung branded Nook tablets with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook. The Tab S2 Nook is an 8-inch tablet with high-end specs. It has a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (320 ppi)—perfect for ereading. It’s […]

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Galaxy Tab S2

New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablets Arrive in August

Yesterday Samsung issued a press release announcing the upcoming global release of two new tablets in the Galaxy Tab S2 line, and they just might be the best tablets ever for ereading. There’s a 9.7-inch model and an 8-inch model. Both feature high-end Super AMOLED displays with high pixel density and an iPad-like 4:3 screen […]

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Nook Trade In

B&N Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Trade In Promotion

Barnes and Noble has started running a new trade-in promotion to entice people to trade an old ebook reader or tablet for credit toward the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet. B&N is accepting select Nook, Kindle, iPad, and Nexus devices for trade in. The credit ranges from $25-$200 toward the purchase […]

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