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Fire Tablet Colors

$49 Fire Tablet Gets New Colors, More Storage, and Software Update

Yesterday Amazon officially announced the release of new color options available on the $49 Fire tablet. Previously it was only available in black; now they’ve added blue, magenta, and tangerine color choices. It’s nice to have some different colors available, especially for kids. Amazon also officially announced the release of the 16GB version of the […]

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Galaxy Tab E Lite vs Fire Tablet

Fire Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Comparison Review

Samsung released a new 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite a couple weeks ago. Initially it was priced at $119 but it’s already on sale for $99, which makes it the lowest priced Samsung tablet ever. It’s still not nearly as cheap as Amazon’s 2015 Fire tablet, however. At $49.99 the entry-level Fire sells for half […]

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$49 Fire Tablet

Amazon Adds New 16GB Version of Entry-Level Fire Tablet for $69

Today Amazon started advertising a new 16GB version of their entry-level Fire tablet for purchase on their website. The 16GB model sells for $20 more than the 8GB model, making the price $69 for the one with ads and $85 for the one without ads (special offers). So does this mean we can’t call it […]

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Fire Tablet vs Fire HD 8

List of all Fire Tablets and How to Tell Them Apart

A few months ago I posted an article about a List of all Kindles and How to Tell them Apart that Amazon has on their website. I recently noticed that Amazon has a similar page up for Fire tablets called Which Fire Tablet do I have? The page lists every single Fire tablet that Amazon […]

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Fire Tablets Bundle

Fire Tablets Can Now Store Audiobooks on SD Card

Amazon has issued another software update—for what seems like the twentieth time this year—that adds support for downloading audiobooks to the microSD card on 5th generation Fire tablets. The new software update, version 5.1.2, is rolling out to 4th generation Fire tablets as well, even though they lack a microSD card slot (Amazon seems to […]

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Kindle Fire Sales

Kindle Sales: $39 Fire Tablet, $99 Paperwhite 3 and More

Amazon has added a bunch of Kindle ereader and Fire tablet deals to their lineup today. It’s a week-long sale that runs from now through February 13th. If you’ve been holding out on on buying a Kindle or Fire tablet, now is the time to get in on the action. These are the best deals […]

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Fire Tablet Print

How to Print From an Amazon Fire Tablet

I came across a help page at Amazon the other day that explains how to print from an Amazon Fire tablet. Fire tablets can print all kinds of things, including emails, PDFs, calendar events, pictures, documents, web pages, notes, screenshots, and more. I’ve never been one to print anything from a tablet but the process […]

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How to Backup, Restore and Factory Reset Amazon Fire Tablets

An important but often overlooked feature on Amazon’s line of Fire tablets is the ability to create daily automatic backups so that you can restore your data in case your Fire tablet is ever lost or damaged, or if you need to perform a factory reset for some reason or another. The backup feature saves […]

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